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Aircon Regas Diesel Petrol Electric Hybrid

2018 Update as Of March

In addition to the standard R134a gas, we are now able to offer re gassing of the newer R1234yf gas, and most petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles. We can also carry out fault finding, leak detection dye addition and sanitisation of systems.

What are the gasses
So the norm would be R134a, this is in most vehicles, but from 2017 onwards manufacturers cannot use this, but some made the jump to the newer, more environment friendly 1234yf as early a 2014, you can tell what you have by looking at the sticker under your bonnet.

What's so special About Hybrid and electric
They will be either of the gasses above, but most have an electric pump rather than the normal mechanical pump, it is imperative that the lubricants added are a special non conductive oil.

So here's the tricky bit, R134a (the older gas in most cars) is going up in price as the EU have a limit on imports, we currently charge 59.95 inc VAT this may increase as stocks dwindle. The new 1234yf gas cost is around 5 times the price, we currently charge 179.95 inc VAT and this may decrease as the gas becomes more available! So price may fluctuate, but for an up to date price check out our booking form below.

N.B. Some larger vehicles (over 500gram systems) that take R1234yf gas may incur a surcharge on additional gas used, e.g Minibus, Dual Systems such in Range Rovers.

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